Heidi Rose London’s Top Tips for Fun in the Sun

Heidi Rose London’s Top Tips for Fun in the Sun

School is out!
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School is out, the sun is up and the mercury is rising. We are so grateful for the incredible (and rare) weather the UK is experiencing at the moment, but as parents, the rising temperatures can be a concern. How I can keep our little ones happy, cool and most-importantly safe in the sun is constantly on my mind!
I know this is a concern for many of you, too, so here at Heidi Rose London we've done the hard work for you and put together our top tips for navigating these warmer months…

Staying Safe
Getting your kids' SPF right is the number one place to start. There are so many great brands out there, but I love Alba Botanica SPF50 - it's water-resistant, hypoallergenic and cruelty free. What’s more, it’s a clear, fast-drying, aerosol spray, which is ideal for when you’re dealing with wiggly toddlers!

I like to add an extra layer of protection by using swimwear with built-in UPF. Minnow Swim make some of the best children’s swimwear out there, and their Unisex Plaid Rashguard and Light Pink Striped Rashguard, available at our online pop up, both offer this additional protection. Our light and breathable Bonnie and Augustus Robe Cover Ups are also a great option for keeping delicate skin covered.
Sunhats and sunglasses are also a must! Our range of Sarah Bray Bermuda hats are darling and will take kids from poolside to garden party and everywhere in between. Sunglasses wise, the key is to ensure the lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB light and polarised lenses are also a good idea – they help prevent small and sensitive eyes from glare.

Lastly, hydration. And feel free to get creative with this! Our kids love it when we add extra fruit, no-added-sugar squash or cordial, or as a special treat, a frozen slushie made with water, fruit and ice.

Keeping Cool

Keeping kids inside during the midday sun isn’t always possible, especially when there’s so much fun to be had playing in the garden or splashing in the pool. But even in the most sun-dappled outdoor spaces there are ways to create shade, from portable parasols to sails and more. For babies, you can even buy pool floats with built in shade roofs. Our Clementine loves hers.

I always keep a stock of cold, wet flannels in the fridge over the summer months. They’re such an easy way to provide immediate cooling relief for kids while doubling as a quick wipe down for sticky ice-lolly faces. You can even use aloe-vera or cucumber infused water for an extra soothing refresher.
In summertime, I like to pack a few handheld fans (electric and good old fashioned!) in my handbag. They’re the perfect instant cooling aid for public transport or while on the go, plus kids love playing with them – win-win!

Having Fun

There are so many ways for kids to have fun while staying cool (when it’s hot outside!) but here are a few of our family’s favourites…
An old school water fight will forever be one of the most exciting ways to keep cool in the garden… And while they’re undeniably fun, you don’t even need plastic water pistols or balloons! For a more sustainable water war, try using sponges, hoses and buckets.

Paddling pools are a must in our house, and whilst it might slightly ruin the quaint English summer garden aesthetic I had in mind, this rainbow-coloured bouncy castle and pool combo really has provided our brood with hours of fun.

For a healthy alternative to ice cream or additive-filled lollies, we love to make our own ice lollies using fresh smoothies or juices. You can even add whole berries or banana into the mix for a more filling snack, and my children just love helping out with making these – meaning bonus entertainment!
I hope you found these tips helpful. I’m always looking for more ways to keep my little ones happy during the summer months so if you have any tips of your own, do head over to our Instagram and share!

Lauren xo