Easter Fun With the Heidi Rose Family

Easter Fun With the Heidi Rose Family

Here at Heidi Rose we’ve collected our top tips for making Easter simple to organise and full of fun, games and even a bit of relaxation during those long holidays- enjoy!

Easter table scaping- for grown-ups and children!

There are so many beautiful tablescapes ideas available these days to help get you inspired for the perfect Easter table. Everything from pretty spring flowers to little sweet treats to decorative ears, wreaths and napkins folded into bunnies and chickens. You can mix your little ones’ favourite animals, whether in toys, shapes or stickers, and arrange chocolate eggs as well as yummy, healthy choices such as fruit skewers, avocado chocolate mousse, finger sandwiches or even yogurt dipped strawberries! There’s plenty of pre-done hampers available, or you can go on a special shopping trip to choose your own decorations and food as a family. You can all create place cards for each family member with an individual theme for their own area, or the whole table can be a celebration of Easter and spring all together. If you use mainly sustainable fabric decorations, you can keep your tablescape all spring and just change the flowers around or in the centerpiece.

Easter egg scavenger hunts 

These work for all ages, and you can find painted boiled eggs for decorations as well as chocolate ones, of course. Hide your eggs all around the house- or in the park or garden, if weather and pets allow- and try to rhyme your clues, adding pictures if needed! Keep an eye on any older family members who might be finding the eggs faster than little ones- it might be fun to wrap each person’s in different paper, so there’s less of a competition and they can help each other.

 Starting important family traditions- understanding why Easter is really important  

Which brings us on to celebrating the real meaning of Easter. Whether you’re religious or not, Easter has always been about the most special of values; reminding us of rebirth, the freshness of spring and the life and family we have. You can enjoy Easter stories, attend a church service, go to an Easter parade or show and leave little treats for the Easter bunny. It’s great to take lots of pictures to look back on and put in an album year after year!

What to do over the Easter break either at home or away 

This is, of course, going to depend on the weather where you are! Sunshine calls for long family walks, bunny and squirrel spotting outside or even planting spring flowers if you have a garden. For rainy days indoors, the long holidays may mean test revision or Easter homework for older children, or there’s always pretend play and dressing up, re-enacting the Easter story, board games and arts and crafts such as painting and drawingMuseums are also open if you want to travel into the city or live in one already, and lots have events especially for the Easter holidays. For any trips or adventures away, we have our beautiful muslin cloth Augustus and Bonnie cover up robes that are super lightweight, so you can take them anywhere.

Little Easter crafts you can send to loved ones you aren’t able to visit 

These can be both cards and presents, and they’re best if they’re handmade! Stickers, colouring in pens and crayons can be used to make origami or foldable boxes with different types of paper. Knitting isn’t as hard as it looks, especially for older children (just avoid any fiddly embroidery), and pink, yellow, blue and mint green are the shades of the season! Now just get started making those chickens and bunnies to post to friends and relatives far away… you can buy pre-made patterns or use your imagination! 

Happy Easter from Heidi Rose!