A Note from Lauren on International Women’s Day 2022

A Note from Lauren on International Women’s Day 2022

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“May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”

All month long at Heidi Rose London we are celebrating International Women’s Day and I’m taking a moment to reflect on the inspiring women in my life, both my close friends and family and the women I admire from afar. 

Truth be told, when I was growing up, I was very much a guy’s girl. I steered clear of drama and most of my close friendships were with boys. That meant that when the time came for me to select bridesmaids at my wedding, I was a little limited on who to ask to stand by me on my very special day. Luckily, I had a few wonderful ladies with whom to share this moment but it wasn’t until later that I truly understood the importance of close female friendships.

Since becoming a mother, I have completely changed my views on female relationships. I now have a deep understanding on how important it is for us to walk together and support one another. I think women are absolutely remarkable. Not only are women today expected to be wives and incredibly doting mothers. We are also CEO’s, creative directors, professors, environmentalists, brain surgeons, scientists and so much more.

Women truly juggle it all, from managing their homes, to caring for their children, excelling at their jobs and their marriages. I think women are the glue that holds everything together and I cannot express how much respect I have for women in today’s world. 

Other than my own friends and family members - my mother, grandmother, aunties, girlfriends and colleagues who have all blown me away over the years - there are a number of female founders for whom I have a deep appreciation and admiration.

For me, International Women’s Day is all about celebrating the success of others and lifting each other up.  The following women inspire me every day…

Celia Muńoz, founder and creative director of La Coqueta kids. Not only has she created a charming, stylish and successful brand, she is doing so while raising five children under the age of 10. Now that is impressive!

Sophie Dalrymple, the owner and founder of Cotton and Company a family- run company based out of Edinburgh. Sophie has developed a luxury homewares and childrenswear brand with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. Delivering products that are delicate and detailed all while juggling 2 small boys and very little childcare. She has managed to create something rather extraordinary in the last few years.

Rebecca Hessel Cohen, the founder of LoveShackFancy. Rebecca has an undeniable ability to inspire. She knows how to make women feel elegant, beautiful, empowered and feminine. She is doing this alongside raising her two beautiful daughters and I just can’t say enough how impressed I am with what she has created over the past few years.

Raegan Moya Jones, the founder of Aden + Anais. A fellow Aussie whose book was recommended to me when I was building my own brand. I was truly inspired by her story. The lengths she went to get her brand off the ground. The hurdles she had to overcome to get her brand where it is today. A true Rockstar of a businesswoman and a mother of four gorgeous girls. If her story doesn’t make you want to go out and do something wonderful then I don’t know what will.

Morgan Smith, the founder of Minnow Swim and mother of three. She has created an internationally recognized children’s swimwear brand in a few short years. She juggled most of the workload and responsibilities on her own while simultaneously raising her young children. I absolutely love what she has created and hearing her story only gives me another burst of inspiration to get my brand to the next level and reach millions of happy customers.  

These women are obviously doing the same thing as I am, so I feel a connection to them even though I don’t know them. They give me daily inspiration and encouragement that I am doing what I am supposed to do in this life.

Last but not least, the two most important females who are the driving force behind all that I do… My daughters, Heidi Rose and Clementine. I am beyond grateful for them and I am honored to be their mother. They are strong, kind, clever, funny, conscientious, and utterly impressive. It is my mission to teach them, nurture and guide them to become whatever they want to be in this life and happily live to their full potential.

Happy International Women’s Day to all the incredible women out there. You are all Rockstars. To strong women! May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.

Lauren xoxo