Spring cleaning- and packing -with Heidi Rose!

Spring cleaning- and packing -with Heidi Rose!

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Spring is here!

At Heidi Rose we want to make reusing, sustainability and even packing clothes and toys lots of fun! Here’s some of our advice and ideas…

Spring cleaning and decluttering

It’s easy to pass on clothes and toys your children have grown out of to family members, friends and those less fortunate. Just get each little one to sort any toys and games they haven’t played with for a year or two into boxes and pass them on to whoever they choose- it’s also a good way to help with their decision making skills.

Choosing sustainable toy and home options

Quality over quantity is the key here. Clothes and toys made from organic fabric that’s sustainably sourced instead of plastic or polyester will mean you can use them again and again and they won’t degrade. Cotton-based items also look a lot better and are softer to touch!

Bringing spring to your space

When your family’s space is truly decluttered, you can all think of ways to add to your nice new home! Plants bring amazing natural energy- orchids are great because they are pretty and last a long time. If you have a garden, you can plant flower seeds, or make a little herb box if you have a smaller space to work with- all of these are a great way for little ones to learn about the world around them and how to care for living things. Or to keep spring cleaning simple, you could decorate with a few spring-themed toys in pastel colours- or leave your space as minimalist as possible to allow for play and imagination!

Preparing for Easter travel- or just holidays at home!

Easter half term is coming up, and if you’re thinking about travelling, planning is never wasted. For Spring weather, you’ll mainly need a few light cover-ups like sweaters and a waterproof coat for any walks. If there’s beaches or pools on the horizon, you could take along our new

Bonnie and Augustus bathrobe cover ups, which are perfectly practical, stylish and easy for travel- our new ‘go to’ item to throw on and go after a swim that you and your children will love. They’re also reversible for double the use! The robes- or our capes- also work for lounging around when you’re at home for family meals and games, as well as for playtime with our wands, crowns and mats.

Happy March to our Heidi Rose family all over the world!

Lauren and Quinten xx