Happy New Year from Heidi Rose!

Happy New Year from Heidi Rose!

After a year full of surprises, we have plenty of ideas for how to keep the fun going in creative, sustainable ways

 Tips to kick start the new year!

Make things fun and playful right from the beginning! After fireworks, balloons and counting downat New Year’s Eve, term won’t start for a while.. or at all for the littlest ones in your family. It’s the perfect time for film nights, family games and getting everyone together to read or journal quietly and talk about what’s coming up for each person.

 Declutter, reuse, imagine.. and play!

At Heidi Rose, we have all you need for pretend play, comfort and sleep, and everything can be used over and over and mostly personalised. Sorting out old toys and donating them to a local charity is a great way to get them into the giving spirit of the season and teach them about using what they have already, again and again.

Teach your kids about New Years resolutions!

This is a great way to really get to know your little ones and get them talking about their hopes and dreams. You can ask them for their top five, ten or more! resolutions and create an inspiration board of collages and stickers to track the whole family’s progress and keep you all motivated.

Healthy tips and habits for you and your families 

New Year is a fantastic time to establish the importance of eating healthily and get everyone into a routine. Make sure carrot sticks, veggies, cheese and other nourishing snacks are always available, and let each child cook a main healthy meal with you each day during January- the habit will stick! Exercise can also be included in the form of walks in the park or even organised fun like trampolining and swimming, which are easy to book- if you live in the countryside and need to travel, you can make a day out of it!

And, of course, a healthy mind is just as important! Encourage each member of your family to learn a new skill or even to make something different every day, whether it’s a new dish, piece of pottery or a story- keeping your brain and creative juices flowing is a fantastic habit that will help you every step of the way this year!


Lots of love, the Heidi Rose family xx