Festive Holidays with Heidi Rose!

Festive Holidays with Heidi Rose!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

 At Heidi Rose we strive to celebrate the festive season sustainably, reusing what we can, but with lots and lots of fun! Here’s all our plans and tips..

 Coming up to the big day

 Decorating the tree and house with tissue and tinsel, walks in the park, costumesand made up games, baking fruit cake and gingerbread with cut out cooking shapesthere’s all sorts of ways to celebrate without buying lots of extra items. Check out if there’s an ice skating rink near you to get little ones into the spirit and help them get active- we’re in London and it’s sadly the last year of the one at the Natural History Museum. And don’t forget Santa’s Grotto and the zoo- which have lots of Christmas themes and lights! Instead of chocolate advent calendars, you can also get a plant and watch it grow, or make a holly wreath for your front door.

Christmas itself!

Get them to bed early so everyone wakes up refreshed for the celebrations! Try to stagger the present opening so there’s some to open later on- start with smaller ones from stockings in the morning, then prepare lunch- which kids can get involved in. Then it can be time for the bigger gifts in the afternoon so the day seems to last longer! And don’t forget to take lots of photos and mark milestones with our reusable, personalisable designs that are also great gifts! Put a baby set under the tree or just keep everyone cosy in our pyjamas and robes.


Little ones don’t really need much more excitement than Christmas Day- but it’s also a great time to plan a party! You can invite everybody round for tea or a whole festive themed day- it’s a fantastic time to reconnect with old friends and relatives, play games and share stories and Christmas movies. There’s also scavenger hunts for educational toys and ‘gift tokens’ for experiences and favours, which little ones have to find while helping cook, tidy up and greet guests..

Boxing Day

At Heidi Rose, we use clothes and pretend play items again and again whilst keeping them pretty and/or with fun little details like stripes, asterisks, neon and tassels. But Boxing Day was made to give gifts to the needy, and it’s a great time for little ones to box up all they don’t want and give it to charity- think old plastic toys and other clutter. It’s never too early to introduce sustainability and recreating what you have using imagination!

Merry Christmas to our Heidi Rose family all over the world!


Lauren and Quinten xx