Bring on Bonfire Night - Heidi Rose style!

Bring on Bonfire Night - Heidi Rose style!

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Firework season is here- with autumn walks, red and orange outfits, parties, dressing up and lots of fun! We think there’s cause for celebrations.. whether you’re enjoying the fireworks or just decorating, there’s something this season for every family to enjoy!

Firework-friendly fun

The bangs and brightness of fireworks can scare some sensitive souls, but choose gentler ones for your display like Catherine wheels and neon florals that just stay on the ground and glow! If fireworks aren’t your family’s thing, you can just have a bonfire and keep your little ones at the appropriate distance. 

Sparkles… or sparklers?

Of course sparklers aren’t suitable for younger children- but our star-shaped wands are! Just add the perfect patches, personalise and hold them high in the sky!

If you do feel your family is safe with sparklers, we prefer bamboo ones as they’re more eco-friendly than plastic- they still come in lots of cool colours.

Dressing up for Bonfire Night!

At Heidi Rose there’s always a reason to dress up- the best thing about our accessories is that you can change them up whenever you want! Spend as long outside as you wish- just take off your coat to reveal your little ones’ capes and crowns, decorated just for them with reusable letters and numbers to mark their milestones. How many Bonfire Nights have they had? 

Autumn activities!

Of course, you don’t have to celebrate with fireworks and Guy Fawkes. We love autumn for making dens and play houses, apple bobbing, watching birds and walks in the woods. Just wrap them up warm and take lots of photos! 

Lots of love, the Heidi Rose family xx