Helpful tips - How to pack for your family’s summer holiday

Helpful tips - How to pack for your family’s summer holiday

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 Going away? We’re still finalising our plans, but the perfect way to pack is what’s extra important! It may seem like all that matters is getting everyone to the train station or airport safe and sound, but making sure everything’s in the suitcase, carry-ons and nappy bag- if still needed! is definitely part of that…

  1. Work off a checklist

It’s easy to remember all the fun items to pack for your trip but critical items such as phone chargers, cameras, sunglasses and first aid kits tend to get left behind. If you create a document/list to work off and check things as you go it will allow you to remember those important items without over doing it.

  1. Spread the love

This takes a little extra planning to organise but it’s so important everyone has their own section of the suitcase! We recommend that each person has a few outfits in each case so nobody is completely without clothes if one suitcase gets lost.

  1. Don’t overpack

It’s easy to get carried away when gearing up for a big trip but keep in mind, one tends to make a few purchases on their travels. Kids mostly need sunscreen, swimsuits, hats, sunglasses, boots or trainers if you’re hiking or walking, a few tops, bottoms or dresses, summery shoes, pyjamas- and that’s really it! Lots of breathable cotton items and a few layers can be used again and again. A windbreaker or cosy sweatshirt for those cooler evenings is also something to remember. When carrying smaller items such a bows, socks and underwear it can be helpful to pack a small pouch for each individual child to keep all their little items together.

  1. Invite your children to get involved

 It’s never too early to encourage them to plan ahead! Let them think about what you will be doing on the break- and get excited! They can then imagine what they will need, think what to buy and leave behind, and practise folding everything up at the end of it. A short checklist for your mini to work off is a cute and an engaging way to get your child involved in the process without going overboard and packing their entire bedroom!

  1. Keep essentials on hand

Nappies, medicine, mini first aid kits with sticking plasters and disinfectant spray and soft toys can all be stored in hand luggage, as well as a change of clothes for those disastrous situations. Not just for the littles but for Mummy and Daddy, too! Water wipes, hand sanitiser, toothbrush and toothpaste should be handy for freshening up.

  1. Entertainment

 Activity kits are a great idea to prepare ahead of time. These could include, colouring books and crayons, mini puzzles, cross words, sticker sets and even play doh. It’s a great way to pass the time rather than overdoing the screen time. However, when you run out of options on your long journey, you can always hand over the iPad but be sure to download various games, puzzles and educational programs ahead of time to avoid disappointment. 

  1. Snacks, snacks, snacks!

Little ones tire easily when on the road, so make sure they’ve got healthy food that travels easily to keep them sustained on the go. Pre-cut fruit, cheese strings, veggie straws, yoghurt Suckies, granola bars and their own labelled water bottles are all perfect choices! And of course, milk or formula if you need it.