Holidays at home

Holidays at home

Holiday activities at home

 If you aren’t going abroad due to lockdown restrictions, testing, quarantine… or all three… we’ve got the perfect suggestions for fun-filled festivities!

 We at Heidi Rose love sustainable and economical ways to have fun with little ones, whether outdoors or indoors, and the ideas below are a great way to keep everybody engaged!

 1. Clubs/activities ideas per age range 

 Babies, of course, just like to tag along! As they grow up a little and want to come out of their pram or pushchair, parks and local play areas are perfect places to bring along their favourite toys, games or colouring books- just take a blanket as well to keep them comfortable and spread everything out. Older children can play in the playground, take their sports kit, read books or practise their favourite skills. And don’t forget to invite friends along!

 If it’s easier to stay home- or the weather means it’s essential-there’s plenty of activities to do inside for all age ranges. Toddlers and older kids alike will love making murals or collages, playing hide and seek, building Lego or playing board games, writing or acting out stories and making cakes or ice lollies while babies sleep or lie on their play mat, enjoying their cloth toys and accessories!

 2. Adventures with your littles in the big city

 City life comes with its challenges-even more so for babies and children, who can get overwhelmed by the noisy environment. Despite this, there’s lots of choices for action-packed days, including visiting the Tate Modern bridge or Tower of London, or the Lowry gallery with its interactive exhibits or central fountains in Manchester, both which have seasonal displays and lights. And don’t forget the big museums…. the Natural History and Science are our favourites and are super kid friendly. For beautiful sunny days, places like Kew Gardens is a perfect day out or even the London Zoo. For a more mellow outing, Aquariums tend to be quite calm environments if your child has sensory issues or just wants somewhere a bit quieter for a while. Finally, for a more active child, adventure based activities such a rock climbing, Go Ape, trampolining or mini golf are always a big hit and bound to tired your energiser bunny out.


  1. Outings in the countryside 

 Got a tractor or farmyard animal fan? They’ll be in their element, of course, but the countryside also brings lots of opportunities for completely natural and extra safe play. As long as they’re not near a main road and there’s a guardian to watch them, they can run free around the fields, build secret hideouts and dig mud and grass and walk or play ball around rivers and lakes. For more organised activities, there’s sure to be local centres for horse riding, farm visits, boat trips, kite flying and more.

  1. Picnic ideas 

 Packability is key for making sure kids’ picnics travel- but the food needs to be child-friendly, sustaining and filling, as they’ll be travelling and exploring a lot! Try mini bento boxes filled with pots of houmous and veggie sticks or cheese cubes, a selection of pre-made crustless finger sandwiches or wholewheat wraps, and little dessert compartments with fresh fruit or yogurt for something sweet to finish. We also love rice crackers, soft pretzels or mini sausage rolls to be eaten quickly before they get back to their games and moving around!


  1. Pretend play

 Heidi Rose was made with pretend play in mind! Each of our accessories can be changed up when needed and they can be anything from a fairy princess to a superhero to a prince- by the hour! Just add a number or year if it’s their birthday and you’re good to go.